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Thrillers are plants with height that add an upright element to the container combination. They can be flowering, small tree, or an ornamental grass and should be planted in the center or rear of the container depending on the placement of the container. If viewed from all sides, plant in the center of the container. If only viewing from one side plant in the back of the container.

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Filler Plants are usually rounded or mounded in habit and provide the fullness to the container. Fillers should be placed in front of or around the Thriller depending on the position of the Thriller.

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Spiller Plants are the final additions to the container. Spillers are the plants that trail over the edge of the container and are planted near the edge of the container. Spillers should be planted based on how the container will be viewed, from all around or from one side. The Spiller provides beauty and flow to your container.

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