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Thrillers are the showstoppers of your container garden, boasting height and an eye-catching vertical dimension. These plants can be blooming varieties, petite trees, or decorative grasses, adding a sense of drama to your arrangement. When positioning your thriller, consider the placement of the container itself. For a 360-degree view, plant the thriller in the center, while for a one-sided display, situate it at the back of the container. These captivating plants are sure to elevate the charm of your container garden.

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Filler plants serve as the lush, voluminous backbone of your container garden, exhibiting a rounded or mounded growth pattern. These essential plants add substance and richness to the arrangement. Depending on the placement of the Thriller, strategically position your Fillers in front of or surrounding it to create a harmonious and well-rounded display. The complementary nature of Filler plants not only bolsters the visual appeal of your container garden but also enhances the overall allure, tempting you to add them to your ensemble.

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Elevate your container garden game with our stunning Spiller Plants! These captivating additions gracefully cascade over the edges of your containers, creating an irresistible sense of movement and visual appeal. Carefully position your Spillers near the container’s perimeter, taking into account whether your arrangement will be admired from all angles or just one side. Transform your container garden into a mesmerizing display of beauty and fluidity with our enchanting Spiller Plants.

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