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Welcome to as we enter our second year we remain committed to offering our customers a convenient way to purchase your outdoor landscaping plants.

No Hassle direct delivery to your door in 5 to 7 days (convenient, cheaper, and much faster
than most online plant nurseries)

Best Quality, fresh plants direct from the grower to your home (our plants don’t sit in a cross country truck for
days or in a retailers lot for days)

All plants Locally Grown and hand picked from Seattle growers (all our plants are proven to grow in
the area, we support the local economy and growers)

100% Satisfaction guarantee (we remove all risk when buying from Plants4home)

Free Delivery (we are faster and cheaper than most online plant sites)

Thank you for visiting We look forward to delivering you high quality plants and a positive experience when shopping for your home landscaping and container gardening needs.

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